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My bio distributed through fun facts and tid bits…

I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with my partner Eric and our kitties. The land we live on is occupied territory of the Cherokee peoples.

I am an Aquarius Sun and Rising with my Moon in Aries.


I am multi passionate creator and have found a way to satisfy all of the parts of myself through my work. One side of me loves all things organization, efficiency, and marking things off of a to do list. I also really love understanding things from all aspects and helping people. My Business Support Services satisfy these aspects of my being and ground me in my purpose.


The other side of me can’t stop moving and grooving. Dance has been in my life for my entire life and is the force that keeps me going. When I am not behind a computer serving business support, I am teaching our youth dance or facilitating Dancing the Depths for those ready to know themselves through the power of movement.

Interesting side note: My beginnings of doing administrative work and teaching dance happened at the same time in October of 2006 at Denise Wall’s Dance Energy, the studio I trained at. I fondly remember my fierce desire to clean up the organization and efficiency of the business so that it would run as smoothly as possible. That was the start of integrating all of my favorite things.

I am an INFJ and identify as a Highly Sensitive Person, which means I need all of the self-care and clear boundaries.

I love being a cat mom and find pure joy watching kitties clean their toes! Have you seen them do this? It is the most adorable thing I have seen. All of this feels like a miracle to me because I used to be severely allergic to cats and didn’t like them very much because of it. That all changed when I moved to Asheville and fell in love with a man who had a cat. We still laugh that if he would have had a picture with a cat in it that I would have swiped left and we wouldn’t have found each other.

All in all, I am a multi passionate highly sensitive person UNlearning and decluttering my life as much as possible… making as much room for ALL of myself.