Finding Love Notes + End of the Year Gratitude

Hello Beauties, 

I have spent the last six months deep in the transition of moving my life to Asheville.  I feel brand new in so many ways.  It is as if I have been through several death and rebirth cycles within this short time.  This last cycle really lit a fire under my ass to start showing up in service in a new way. 

This past Saturday I magically activated my new home in Asheville with a solo cocao ceremony.  It was a beautiful evening of dance, cards, tears, reflection, gratitude and a little bit of dreaming.  I went through the tiny folded up pieces of paper in my gratitude jar one by one and it filled me with great joy and I could fully feel how abundant my life is by reviewing these beautiful pieces of evidence.  

I also found a love note that I wrote to myself after my first retreat experience and I would like to share it here with you now. 

These words that I wrote years ago after my first retreat and sister circle are just as powerful today as they were when I wrote them to myself.  

My actions step for you today is to take a moment to reflect on the lessons of 2016 and all that you have to be grateful for.  I bet there is more than you think.  Then get your favorite colorful markers and pen and write yourself a love letter about those beautiful lessons and gratitudes from your year.  What do you want yourself to remember about 2016 a year from now?  Write it to yourself and then seal the envelope with a kiss and put it somewhere special until next year.  

Go ahead and set a reminder on your calendar with the location of your love letter and set aside enough time to make opening your letter a sacred moment just for you.

This is a magical time of year but it is also one where it is easy to get caught up in what we have left to to do rather than remebering everything that we actually accomplished.

YOU got this! You are safe, you are loved, felt, seen, and held. It's okay! You dont' need a script or have it all figured out! TRUST your intuition!

Wrapping you all up in love and wishing you a beautiful December,


Ava AdinolfiComment