Now What?!

Everyone has a different path and I honestly have no idea how I got stuck in a 40 hour a week office job.  It was never part of the plan and it didn’t even exist in the sketch.  I took a job to help with grad school that I actually enjoyed but some how that turned into a full-time secretary position that then turned into 2 yrs as a corporate analyst.  With each job I found fulfillment because I love learning new things, but once the routine set in, I got bored and resentful of all of the time 9 to 5 was sucking out of my life. When I talk to my friends or my clients about living their life’s passion it usually doesn’t involve slaving away at a desk 40+ hours a week.  Let me be clear that I am not dogging this way of living and I know that there are many people who love their 9 to 5 jobs and find a lot of value in these types of jobs.  I am simply saying that it isn’t for everyone… well most people.

The idea of having a job other than 9 to 5 or one that doesn’t fit on the list of “acceptable” jobs, freaks people out.  We are told from a young age that we can be whatever we want and so as children we begin to dream and dream big!  (As a child, I declared that I wanted to be an archeologist.) They tell us we can be anything, but as we grow older.  Maybe it is our parents, maybe its society, or maybe its our friends.  We slowly get the message that we are SUPPOSED to go to college and get a job (of course by job they mean something practical that will pay the bills).  I actually don’t really feel like I was ever pushed to go to college, but I just always thought it was what I was supposed to do and what was expected of me.  Doing anything else seemed really risky and scary and why take the risk when I really don’t know what I want anyways.  At the time, I knew that I loved dance and my boyfriend (mental note:  attempt to not make choices based on relationships) and that was about it.  But just because I loved dance didn’t mean that my path was to be a professional dancer.  At the time, money and resources seemed scarce for a big change that I didn’t feel fully supported and ready for. I wish I had known then how many ways that dance could and can be part of my life. The point is that there is often a lack of support when we have a dream outside of what the general population deems an acceptable means of acquiring income.  You hear things like “that’s why they call it work” or “how are you going to support yourself?” When I finally took the leap to really become a life coach, it was so scary to tell people because I knew that a lot of people wouldn’t understand. Even though some really have trouble with it I was luckily met with a lot of support and love!

I think two things happen when we come across someone who has trouble supporting us in our creative endeavors. The first being that by going for our passion we are challenging their view of the world and saying “yes, dreams are actually possible and there is a world outside of having a stable job in a cubicle.”  The second being that they are genuinely scared for you and maybe even misplacing their own fears onto you, forgetting that you are your own person with your own choices. Don’t go ditching the people in your life that don’t support your dreams right away.  Rather, give them space and go find some people who are all for it and will stand by your side!


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