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Cultivate your worthiness and sense of true belonging without all of the
performative bullshit.  

Immerse Yourself in Haven -

a peaceful place for highly sensitive people to come together and immerse themselves in self-care and learn to deeply tend to their sensitivities.

Do you know what it feels like to be at full capacity? Filled up and nourished from taking care of YOURSELF and not the nourishment that you get from taking care of others?

Many of us have spent a good portion of our lives feeling drained and not understanding why. Searching outside of ourselves for love, for connection and for belonging when it has always been INSIDE us. I get it, the “love me first” sounds like BS but it isn’t.

A big part of this work is looking at your worthiness and how you define it. Some common examples of how you might measure worthiness are: productivity, money, other people’s opinions, your ability to fix or make others happy, your outward appearance and the list goes on. Do any of these resonate with you?

In this immersion, you take a deep look at your worthiness and how you measure it. Then, we dive into the depths, the shadow, to face it head on so that we can see the Truth that lies underneath.


If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) then you might identify with living a life feeling attached or consumed by other people’s energy and needing a lot of alone time and sleep because of it. Once boundaries are established (energetic, emotional, and physical) you will find that it is possible to be in your own energy even while in the company of other people.

Before having clear boundaries you might have a greater tendency to look outside of yourself for answers and for wholeness. You might find yourself attaching your worthiness to how well you take care of others… becoming a fixer or a rescuer of family and friends. When you establish clear boundaries you create a clear sense of self that allows you to let go of unhealthy patterns and people more easily.

If you resonate with any of this, then HAVEN will be an amazing space for you.

This immersion will be deeply embodied through dance. We dance to access the truth, to heal, to surrender, to know Self. We will be dancing to the depths, transcending consciousness, to the unknown. It is there that we come face to face with truth and acceptance. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we realize and they have the ability to take us to places once hidden and to assist us in transmuting our pain (not bypassing it). We will feel our pain to transmute our pain.

When we are not dancing, we will be workshopping boundaries, relationship dynamics and creating new pathways by rewiring or letting go of toxic patterns. All of this in service to your higher self.

We are all looking for connection, belonging, and to know our inherent worthiness, but often we are looking for it outside of ourselves…

HAVEN is all about looking withIN.

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Before the Retreat:

30 min 1:1 Virtual Support Call with Ava Adinolfi

90 min 1:1 Virtual Ancestral Healing Assessment with Shannon Ledford

4-day In-Person Retreat~ May 2 - 5th

In-Person Retreat Schedule


 3pm arrive

4pm ancestral boundaries w/Shannon Ledford

5pm dancing the depths

7pm dinner


8am breakfast

9am opening

10am dancing the depths

1pm cooking as prayer & lunch

4pm boundaries & containers

7pm dinner


8am breakfast

9am dancing the depths

11am relationship re-wiring workshop

1pm lunch

4pm burial and funeral rites

7pm dinner


8am celebration of life ceremony

10am transition to integration through life practice

Exact times and workshops may change to meet the current energy of the group.


Hi there!

I am Ava

- a multi passionate highly sensitive person UNlearning and decluttering my life as much as possible… making as much room for ALL of myself.

Dance was my first love - at a young age I often dressed up in strange outfits (Aquarius Sun and Rising over here) and danced the entirety of my grandmother's living room without a care in the world.

Soon after, I was put in dance classes at a studio, which very quickly became a full-time extracurricular with weekends away at conventions taking classes and performing. It was enlivening and beautiful in many ways and destructive in others… in comes perfectionism, shame, and a performative way of living.

It is always a work in progress but I have worked hard and walked through fire to face these shadows head on in all areas of my life. I have developed and found a way for dance to be a portal of healing without all of the shame, perfection and performance included - I am now Dancing the Depths. It has been many years in the making through various dance related offerings and this baby is thriving, alive and well as a monthly in-person workshop I offer here in Asheville and will be a featured aspect of this Immersion.

I have been dancing for nearly 30 years, teaching dance for 13 and leading adults through dance as a healing experience for 5 years.

I am thrilled to combine my passion for dance, energy work, healing and my retreat planning experience to bring you this deep and nourishing Immersion.

Lisa’s experience of Dancing the Depths

After a few minutes of guided stretches and energetic opening and clearing practices, Ava encourages us to explore our own improvised, intuitive dance around a particular theme and goddess energy. She isn’t watching us, no one is watching....we are all dancing inside of our own skins, in a space free from judgment, comparison, masks or mirrors. We dance to evocative, emotional and sensual music. The experience is interior, about deep listening, getting out of your own way and trusting your soul and body wisdom to lead again. It is about how it feels, not how it looks. We then circle at the end to share our experiences.

Ava is a humble and loving master at holding space...to explore, invoke and remember the many threads of the Divine Feminine. Her boundaries are clear, her intentions are pure and she creates an energetic womb for potent alchemical dance magic. I always feel soaringly expansive after and Dancing the Depths has become a vital part of my spiritual embodiment practice.

— Lisa Bibleheimer

Guest Offering as part of the Immersion


Shannon will spend 90 minutes with you before the in-person portion of this immersion to do an Ancestral Healing Assessment.

During this 90 mins, Shannon will lovingly guide you to assess the condition of your ancestors. Then you will be guided through the process of creating boundaries with each ancestral line, which will give you much needed space for you to do your own inner healing. To read more about Ancestral Healing work visit www.honorthefeminine.com.

Shannon will also join us in person during the retreat to assist us in reinforcing our boundaries as a group. I have personally been doing this work with Shannon for months now and it is powerful work that feels essential to the intention of this Immersion.


Retreat Space & Accommodations 

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Retreat Space

Nestled snugly in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, this retreat space offers a quiet oasis on the traditional homeland of Cherokee peoples.  A quiet, rustic setting with a large separate workshop room, and a gazebo overlooking the creek, are a few of the features offered at this intimate retreat space.

Conveniently located to Bryson City, a 15 min drive, and Asheville is only a 45min drive.

Our workshop space is in a separate building from the accommodations. We will be using chairs with cushioned seats at all times, including Dancing the Depths. There are no steps providing additional accessibility.

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8 spaces available for highly sensitive people ready to honor themselves!!!

Price is sliding scale because transformational experiences should be accessible to ALL. Payment plans are also available at NO extra cost.

$450 - $850

Choosing an amount to pay is a practice in honoring yourself and what is being offered.

*** Price also includes:

30 min 1:1 w/ Ava ~ unique practice to prepare for the in-person portion
90 min Ancestral Healing Assessment before the retreat

Whats included at the retreat:

3 dinners, 2 lunches, 3 breakfasts to nourish the body
Dancing the Depths and other Workshops
Shared Accommodations: 2 to 3 beds per room

You are responsible for:

Travel to and from the retreat space.