Ava Adinolfi
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We enter through the heart

Root into the land

Open your body


Begin to Shift your pathways & relationship to Self

Friday, October 5th

We begin with a heart activation as this is the place that we enter the body and prepare for source healing. We will be creating a cushy landing pad to catch you throughout the weekend as we dive deep within Self.

Imagine your heart as a 3D rose blossoming.

Opening. Opening. Opening.


Saturday, October 6th

Day Two, we focus on rooting into the ancient and wise earth and solidifying that connection to our bodies. We will access the various pathways of the land, to self and to our individual homes.

Next, we clear any blockages and begin to create protections and boundaries for ourselves and our homes.


Sunday, October 7th

We will  weave our heart and root connection.

We attune ourselves to the frequency of Grace as we embody honoring Self with Integrity.


Monday, October 8th

The New Moon will be in Libra and serves as a magical day to transition back to everyday life feeling Resourced.

We close the portal of this retreat & open to a new way of being in everyday life by walking (or dancing whatever you prefer) the Labyrinth.



Expect to leave feeling protected, safe and resourced in your Body and your BEING... giving you the path to the true expansive freedom you desire.


We are retreating from everyday life so that we can come together in a safe space with like-minded souls to purify, to find clarity within and to come home to ourselves.
This retreat is a combination of physical practices, breathwork, energy practices, and being in community.

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Safety is one of my core woundings.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance that we are held in a safe space and that everyone feels and absolutely IS safe.

That being said, fear may come up and resistance may come up to challenge your step towards renewal.


Many of us have sister wounds that may make us feel resitance to retreat because it’s about gathering women together in community.

This is a beautiful place to heal this wound, IF you are ready to take that step.


Some may feel that this retreat isn’t inclusive and that they are not welcome.

What I can say to this is that I am still learning,  dismantling my own biases, and doing my best (for where I am in my process) to make this retreat a safe space for all.

If you would love to come to this retreat but have some concerns about inclusivity then I would love to have a heartfelt conversation about those concerns and how I can make you feel safe.






3pm arrive

4pm heart activation

7pm dinner


8am breakfast

9am movement

11am workshop

1pm lunch

3pm workshop

6pm dinner


8am breakfast

9am movement

11am workshop

1pm lunch

3pm workshop

6pm dinner


8am breakfast

10am drive to Asheville

11am labyrinth & closing


***you are welcome to join me for lunch in Asheville before heading home

Retreat Space & Accomadations 

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Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.22.37 PM.png

Retreat Space

Nestled snugly in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, this retreat space offers a quiet oasis on the traditional homeland of Cherokee peoples.  A quiet, rustic setting with a large separate, workshop room, a gazebo overlooking the creek and an outdoor hot tub, are a few of the features offered at this intimate retreat facility.

Conveniently located to Bryson City, a 15 min drive, and Asheville is only a 45min drive.

Our workshop space is in a separate building from the accommodations. There are enough chairs with cushioned seats for all attendees and pillows for those that would prefer to sit on the floor. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.23.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.22.48 PM.png

13 spaces available for amazing women ready to honor themselves!!!

Whats included:

3 Dinners, 2 lunches, 3 breakfasts
Heart Activation and All Workshops
Shared Accommodations: 2 to 3 beds per room
* Group Integration Call after Retreat

You are responsible for:

Travel to and from the retreat space. We will work out rides to the labyrinth in Asheville. 
Optional lunch in Asheville after the labryinth.

Reserve YOUR spot