Energetic Pathwork ~

 a focused & potent session where the Truth is revealed & a path paved. 


Pathwork is here for you when you feel stress and anxiety coming up in a situation and you desire a path forward.

I take you into your energetic system and we look to identify the blockages and leaks that need to be addressed so that you can find a way through. So that your system can settle and begin to move forward on your path. 

I see the unseen (read the energy) and will help you identify what is truly there and how to shift it.

In some instances and when I have your explicit permission, I will shift the energy for you as I walk you through each step.

Pathwork is great for identifying & assessing:

Energy Leaks
Next steps in a current situation
Relationship decisions (all types of relationships and connections)
Resistance & Blockages

Shifts made in energetic space manifest more quickly than what is possible in the physical world.

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