What people are saying about Ava's group work:

Being a part of Circle led by Ava was an incredible experience, that really united everyone who came together for it. It bound us all by our goals and dreams, had us in a position to truly support and encourage one another and had us open our mindset to all that is possible.  As I declared a word for the year, Courage, I dreamt up all that was and could be with this word as a guide.  With that mindset opening my possibilities as I moved into the year, I have truly acted without fear as my guide.  It has encouraged me to step into new realms courageously and really take hold of every second fearlessly and with passion as my future unfolds.  The way Ava guides as she leads is soft and yet powerful.  It really allows each individual to find that vulnerable strength that lies within them, and the power to make each moment a bright new reality.  I have already accomplished an extreme amount of goals since experiencing Circle, and I am encouraged and committed to each goal ahead, knowing that anything is possible when possibility is your guide. 

~ Cara Goodwin, Dance Instructor and Choreographer

Ava’s work with our dancers was highly impressive. She connected with our teenagers immediately with her powerful, yet soft, presence. She challenged them to move inward in a way they rarely do. I’ve seen work ethic and passion increase across all classes. All dancers, especially teenagers, should have the opportunity and life changing experience of working with Miss Adinolfi.

~ Shannon Kisiel, Lead Dance Educator, Visual & Performing Arts Academy at Salem HS

One of the coolest things I experienced in the circle was an overwhelming feeling of love and comfort. Feeling safe in an environment gives me mental clarity and creativity. By the end of the circle I felt fired up with a new self awareness and motivated by the experience!

~ Jaimie Goodwin

Ava has the uncanny ability to get to the root of our heart's desire not by laying out a step by step guide of what she thinks we should be doing, but by giving us the space to look inward and become the architects of our own happiness. It is a rare gift to give someone the courage to know and ask for what they want in life. Her kindness, compassion, and quiet strength allow those she has worked with clarify their vision for the future and come up with realistic, loving, and empowering goals. Her work with our students, and teachers has been invaluable!

~ Cami Walton, Assistant Director of Company, Denise Wall's Dance Energy

My experience in the circle was a breakthrough for me. Surrounded by supportive and loving people, I was able to vocalize my deepest fears and wishes that I would normally be too afraid to even admit to myself. Now I feel stronger and more connected to my inner voice. This intimate experience has helped me realize what connection truly is with myself and others.

~Julie Champagne, LA Dancer/Actress

My experience with Ava and our circle is almost indescribable...as a mother, wife, dancer and dance teacher my time invested in our circle has become "time invested in myself". One word that is my focus this year is "balance"- balancing my dance-life and my home-life is a challenge, and with some tools Ava gave me, I am better equipped for the year ahead. We have used some of Ava's methods in rehearsals and it resulted in more 'emotionally dedicated' dancers and more 'physically free' movers. It made an exceptional difference in a few dance sessions. Ava has a true gift to give the world and I look forward to what she does next with that gift.

~ Sara Cato Bailey, Choreographer and Former Professional Dancer

What People are saying about working with Ava 1:1

Ava is a lighthouse. Before working with her I had never given voice to my hopes and dreams; they were secret- hidden.  Almost ashamed of the greatness I wanted for my life, Ava helped me develop a specified focus to achieve these dreams unapologetically and most efficiently.

As someone who wants everything NOW, I often found myself overwhelmed by the things I had not yet achieved.  I was crippled, and often retracted back into myself living in a mindset of failure.  Ava helped direct me on a path of progress and focus.  Through her guidance and coaching, in 3 months, I have progressed and taken steps forward that I have been secretly dreaming about for 3 years.

The most valuable lesson I have learned from Ava, is that my journey is my journey- not to focus on all the things I haven’t achieved yet, but rather find joy in the path to achieving them.


~ Matt Griffin, Conceptual Consultant

  The reason I wanted a life coach is because I needed guidance on how to lead a more balanced life in every category. I wanted to be more proactive in accomplishing my goals (big and small), and I needed someone who could help me figure out what it is that I really want out of my day, week, year. Ava has helped me calrify the steps I needed  to take in order to achieve these goals. What I've been gaining from my life coaching sessions with Ava is more confidence, since I have more focus and motivation which Ava has helped me claim. Now, I am constantly working towards short term goals and long term goals that help me lead a more balanced life.

By having Ava hold me accountable for things, I have maintained a more balanced day to day/week routine which has helped me spiritually,mentally, physically, and emotionally. Her suggestions and support have helped me figure out what works for me and what doesn't work for me in my weekly routine. Before working with Ava, I wasn't able to really figure out the steps I needed to take to accomplish my long-term goals, therefore, I  felt overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin and would get stuck. After working with Ava, I have been able accomplish more things, be more productive, and trust myself when making decisions. I feel more self-confident too. With Ava's help and guidance, I've been able to plan ahead and design my life the way I've always wanted it more clearly. I am more proactive on working towards my goals and my life is becoming more fulfilling everyday from the balance she has helped me create.

~ Julie, LA Dancer/Actress