At the Door - Dancing the Depths

At the Door - Dancing the Depths


No experience necessary ~ I will guide you

We are leaving shame, perfectionism, and performance at the door as we travel deep to the depths through dance. We dance to access the truth, to heal, to surrender, to know Self. We will be dancing to the depths, transcending consciousness, to the unknown. It is there that we come face to face with truth and acceptance.

It’s a beautiful space to say yes to YOU!!!

We will travel to the depths together and you will dance with an archetype of the Goddess (I'll share as the event gets closer). Listening for any guidance they may have for you.

My body will open the door and guide you throughout the workshop. Your role is to stay present with your body and trust its innate wisdom. All emotions, movements, sounds, breathing, and expressions are WELCOME in this held space.

Our bodies are capable of more than we can often comprehend and have access to limitless amounts of information. Let’s open to that together!

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